Sport Industry Awards 2008

Sport Industry Awards
Michael Payne

Michael Payne

Former Head of Marketing / Broadcasting, International Olympic Committee

Michael Payne has been at the forefront of the sports marketing industry for nearly thirty years – having lead the global marketing effort for the Olympic Movement for more than two decades as the IOC’s first ever Marketing and Broadcast Rights Director.  Michael oversaw the development and implementation of the marketing programmes for 15 Olympic Summer and Winter Games, leading a marketing team that would generate in excess of $15 billion in broadcast and marketing revenues programmes.

Following the Athens Olympic Games Michael was invited to become a strategic advisor on marketing and media rights issues to various Boards and Sporting Organizations, including Bernie Ecclestone’s F1 Group;  WPP; London 2012; British Telecom; Volkswagen;  IAAF; Hong Kong Jockey Club; Indian Cricket Board; Sina; Aigo; Kangaroo TV; ON Demand Sport and various Governments on their international sports strategies.

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