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SII 07: Sepp Blatter, President, FIFA - Highlights

Photos of the event

Members of the international press were present at the Sport Industry Interview to report on President Blatter’s views.
President Blatter ended the discussions by thanking the UK sport industry for its continued support of his work as FIFA president.
FIFA president Blatter begins the Sport Industry Interview, conducted by BBC presenter John Inverdale, in front of 250 invited guests from the sport industry.
Interviewer Inverdale moves to take a question from the floor during his discussions with President Blatter.
FA director of football development Trevor Brooking was in attendance to hear President Blatter’s views on the potential for a 2018 World Cup bid for England.
FIFA president Sepp Blatter catches up with FA chairman Geoff Thompson prior to taking the stage.
David Davies, executive director of the Football Association, greets FIFA president Sepp Blatter prior to the 2007 Sport Industry Interview.
The FIFA president was particularly keen to emphasise that England’s hopes of hosting the 2018 World Cup were still very much alive.

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