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The Industry Column - World Cup Narrative

David Atkinson, managing partner at Space looks deep into the marketing narrative of a FIFA World Cup, with some classic examples of brand campaign…read more

The Industry Column - Beko - 19 Feb 2013

Matthew Jones, Senior Marketing Manager at Beko plc – an Official Supporter of the FA Cup – about its involvement with the competition and the recent acquisition of Jamie Redknapp as its brand ambassador.  read more

The Industry Column - Cheltenham Racecourse - 10 Feb 2013

Peter McNeile, Director of Sponsorship for Cheltenham Racecourse, discusses the impact of cancelling sporting events due to adverse weather… read more

The Industry Column - Matthew Osmon - 04 Jan 2013

Matthew Osmon, the chief executive of Jump, considers the future of sports marketing… read more

The Industry Column - Peter McNeile - 25 Nov 2012

Peter McNeile, Director of Sponsorship at Cheltenham Racecourse, discusses the dilemma of balancing results and relationships in sport. read more

Top Ten Tips For Your Sport Industry Awards Submission - 20 Nov 2012

Richard Brinkman, Head of KantarSport at Kantar Media, gives his Top Ten Tips for the use of research in Sport Industry Awards entries... read more

Asian brands score big with the Premier League - 01 Nov 2012

Kenny Ager, Head of Strategy, Sports Revolution Asia, analyses the opportunities on offer in the Far East. read more

The Industry Column - John Amaechi - 19 Jul 2012

John Amaechi tells about the power sport can have to change lives, both on and off the court, ahead of addressing delegates at the Beyond Sport Summit.  read more

The Industry Column - Should Australia be in England now? - 29 Jun 2012

Should Australia be in England this summer? Two opposing views discuss whether or not the increasing number of international fixtures is good for the Ashes rivalry, and the game as a whole. read more

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