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The Big Interview - Caribbean Premier League

The second Caribbean Premier League, the annual Twenty20 franchise cricket league that launched in the West Indies last year, comes to a close this…read more

The Big Interview - Infiniti - 21 Aug 2012

As Formula One returns to the sporting calendar next weekend following its summer break, spoke to... read more

The Big Interview - England Hockey - 06 Jul 2012

Sally Munday, England Hockey Board chief executive, talks to about hockey’s... read more

The Big Interview - StubHub - 23 May 2012

Danielle Maged, head of business development at StubHub, talks to about the development of the... read more

The Big Interview - Alistair Watkins - 21 May 2012

Alistair Watkins, director at influence discusses the trend in ‘wealthier’ sports and projects of the specialised agency... read more

The Big Interview - Holiday Inn - 08 May 2012

Chris Hale, Head of London 2012 for IHG, speaks to about Holiday Inn's role as an official sponsor of the London 2012 Games... read more

The Big Interview - Winter Sports - 26 Apr 2012

Oliver Springgay, general manager at Recon Instruments Europe, discusses how technology could have played... read more

The Big Interview - Thomas Cook Sport - 21 Mar 2012

Danny Talbot, MD at Thomas Cook Sport, talks to about the number of Premier League Clubs in the brand’s portfolio... read more

The Big Interview - Alex Balzaretti - 07 Mar 2012

Alex Balzaretti, London 2012 Project Director for Hornby, discusses the brand’s Olympic involvement and its plans in sport beyond 2012... read more

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