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Putting the Athletes first... - 02 Sep 2008

Charles Jefferson, VP of IMG Consulting, gives his reflections on the Beijing Games from a sponsors’ viewpoint… read more

Time for a little teamwork? - 25 Aug 2008

Graham Fleet from IMG questions whether putting sponsors at loggerheads with each other was the right approach for the Beijing Olympics... read more

Is this a global marketing event? - 24 Aug 2008

IMG's Graham Fleet questions whether the Beijing Olympics was as global for sponsors as it was for the media... read more

The Rules of Fair Play do not apply... - 22 Aug 2008

IMG's Kristina Schaefer reports from Beijing on why the rules dictating marketing activity don't always work for everybody...  read more

Does performance make or break a brand ambassador? - 21 Aug 2008

With so many success stories coming out of Beijing, IMG's Seth Holmes ponders how much of an impact success has on the value of an athlete to a sponsor... read more

Facing up to the Facebook generation - 20 Aug 2008

IMG’s Sebastian Smith provides an insight into how the Beijing Games is embracing the age of digital media… read more

It takes a village... - 20 Aug 2008

Former Olympic athlete and IMG executive Kate Johnson explains why the competitors love the Olympic Village... read more

Adidas - made for Beijing - 19 Aug 2008

Matt Moore from IMG gives a guided tour of the Adidas Pavilion – the sportswear brand’s showcase area on the Olympic Green in Beijing. read more

Shoe wars... - 18 Aug 2008

IMG’s Matt Moore reports on the battle of the sportswear giants taking place on the ground at the Beijing Olympics… read more

Ambush Protection - 18 Aug 2008

Graham Fleet from IMG reports from Beijing on the ambush marketing techniques brands are using to get past the strict security measures put in place by the Games' organising committee... read more

Flying kites above Beijing - 17 Aug 2008

Charles Jefferson from IMG explains how sponsors have been engaging their employees in the Beijing Olympics… read more

An Olympic Village Like No Other... - 13 Aug 2008

Two-time Olympian Kate Johnson gives a behind the scenes tour of the Athletes Village at the Beijing Olympics...  read more

Olympians to my left, Olympians to my right - 10 Aug 2008

IMG’s Kirsten Hunt attended the Visa Olympians Reunion in Beijing in the beautiful surroundings of the Prince Jun Palace… read more

Let the Olympic Games begin... - 09 Aug 2008

IMG's Matt Moore witnesses the atmosphere in Beijing as the Opening Ceremony lifts the curtain on this year’s Olympic Games… read more

There's Opening Nights and Opening Nights... - 08 Aug 2008

IMG’s Kristina Schaefer reports from Beijing on the myriad of sponsor media launches ahead of the Games’ opening ceremony… read more

Corporate clock is ticking in the heart of China - 06 Aug 2008

IMG's Charles Jefferson checks out what's going in the city centre of Beijing as the Olympic Games begins to unfold... read more

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