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A1GP unveils environmental plans- 30 Aug 2007 14:55:00

A1 Grand Prix is the latest sports brand to launch a major environmental initiative as it unveiled its plans to reduce the environmental footprint of the World Cup of Motorsport series.

Among the measures to be introduced to the series include switching to biofuel (30% ethanol mix), waste reduction measures, carbon-offsetting unavoidable emissions and promoting environmental awareness to a global audience spanning 150 countries.

A1GP claims to be the first truly global motorsport body to switch to a 30% biofuel mix with the decision to move to a bio-ethanol based engine was made possible through partnership with Zytek, the series' engine manufacturer.

By implementing the new fuel, A1GP are expecting to reduce CO2 emissions per car by 21% this coming season based on a well to wheel basis calculation.

A1GP unveiled a series of other initiatives as part of a new environmental policy developed with Ernst & Young. This policy will guide the future direction of A1GP establishing a set of core environmental principles right at the heart of its operations. The policy is based on a four-pillared long-term mission to reduce, replace, offset and promote.

Alongside these commitments to minimising its own environmental impacts A1GP will look to promote environmental awareness across its fan base throughout the course of the 2007/08 season.

This will be achieved through a combination of marketing platforms such as consumer displays, trackside and on-car signage, website and broadcast.

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