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Wembley fires legal shot at phone company- 31 Aug 2007 15:00:00

Wembley Stadium has issued a legal warning and a compensation claim against a mobile phone company who illegally projected a logo onto the side of the stadium.

Wembley National Stadium Limited, the owners of the stadium, has sent a £500 legal bill and a legal letter of warning to Texperts, a question-and-answer text service.

The letter outlines how Texperts had illegally projected its logo on to the side of the new Wembley two weeks ago as part of a £1m rebranding campaign that included projections on the MI6 headquarters and Battersea Power Station.

The company projected an image with the slogan ‘the search is over’ and the Texperts name on to Wembley.

The letter read: ‘By using Wembley Stadium as background to your marketing campaign it will give members of the public the erroneous impression that you have been authorised as a sponsor of or ... are endorsed by, our client.’

The company confirmed it had been contacted by a legal firm representing Wembley Stadium and said in a statement that it 'did not mean to upset anybody'.

‘We just thought that as the new stadium is one of London's great landmarks, it was a natural place to project our image. We have promised not to use the images again in any of our marketing activity and have said we will donate the £500 legal costs to charity.’

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