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Beckham & Sainsbury's try blind football- 11 Nov 2011 00:00:00

Following the announcement that Sainsbury’s has agreed a long-term partnership with David Beckham, the new ambassador tried his hand at Visually Impaired Football - one of the activities available for children to try as part of the Sainsbury’s 1 Million Kids Challenge.

Schools up and down the UK can sign up to join the Sainsbury’s 1 Million Kids Challenge, designed to allow kids of all ages and abilities to try out a Paralympic sport ahead of the Games in 2012 by visiting

The supermarket the first ever Paralympic-only sponsor, and in April 2011 Sainsbury’s launched ‘The 1 million kids challenge’.  

This aims to get 1 million kids to try a Paralympic sport and to make Paralympic sports more accessible, by supplying free sports equipment to schools so children can give Paralympic sports a try for the first time.

To date Sainsbury’s has distributed 5,726 packs of free equipment to participating schools.

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