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Etihad Stadium set to host Magic Weekend- 22 Nov 2011 00:00:00

Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium is set to host rugby league’s Magic Weekend next year – according to media reports.

BBC Sport reported that it is hoped the event’s move to the north west of England will improve attendances - after struggling to sell out in previous years in Wales and Scotland.

The annual event started off in 2007 as “Millennium Magic” in Cardiff, then moved to Murrayfield in Scotland for two years, before returning to Cardiff last season.

The move back to Cardiff was a result of a drop in attendance during the second event in Scotland, which went from 59,749 fans in the first year, to 52,043 over the two days in the second.

Last season, the Millennium Stadium was less than half full on both days of competition – leading to the move to the north-west for 2012.

Meanwhile, media reports indicate that Manchester City is set to agree a new £200million kit deal with Umbro.
City are just three years into a 10-year deal but the terms of the contract can allegedly be reviewed depending on the team's progress.

The current agreement nets City £6m a season but their annual payment could rise to £26m at the end of the campaign – putting the club level with the amount Umbro pay the FA for its contract with the England team.

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