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Nike celebrates ‘My Time Is Now’ campaign- 29 Jun 2012 00:00:00

Nike football has revealed that the ‘My Time Is Now’ campaign has been named the brand’s most successful football campaign ever.

‘My Time Is Now’ follows global football campaigns including ‘Good vs Evil’ in 1996, to 'Airport' in 1998, to 'Secret Tournament' in 2002, and the “Write the Future” campaign prior to South Africa in 2010. 

Featuring global icons including Cristiano Ronaldo,  the ‘My Time is Now’ film has received over 39m views (30m flat film views & 9m interactive film views across all platforms) and is the fastest growing Nike film ever – according to the brand.

Consumer engagement has reached new levels for the brand levels, with fans reportedly spending an average of 6mins 18secs viewing the film and the “hidden tunnel” content, that rewards consumers who engage with the film. 

The full 'My Time Is Now' advertisement can be viewed here at Sport Industry TV.

Nike Football has over 25 million Facebook members, 1.5 million Twitter fans and almost 7 million fans across other social networks. 

Throughout the Euro 2012 tournament, Nike combined digital and physical communications in Warsaw at the 'Nike Stadium' by immersing fans in the latest products and services to improve their game.  

Featuring a 30-meter LED screen as a backdrop consumers can participate in digital experiences and view “My Time is Now” film content.
The Orco Tower, one of Warsaw’s tallest buildings, also celebrates three of Poland’s leading players ((Kuba, Lewandowski and Szczesny) with 100 meter high giant portraits to bring players and fans closer together throughout the tournament.

Meanwhile, in terms of goals scored, 59% of the goals scored up to the quarter finals have been by players wearing Nike boots. 

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