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US Open increases prize money pot- 1 Aug 2013 00:00:00

The US Open, which is due to take place later this month, has increased its prize money offering by 37% to $34.3 million with the men’s and women’s winners receiving $2.6 million.

Players who lose in the first round will receive $32,000, a 40% increase on last year. The total prize money is still less than handed out at Wimbledon, which has a cash pot of $37,200.

The four slams have all increased their prize money in recent years after threats from players, particularly those lower ranked, who struggle to make a good living on the tour.

The organisers of the tournament have also said they will end its Monday night final, which was unpopular with fans and has said its prize pot will increase to $50 million by 2017.

This year the French Open increased its prize money offering to 22m euros, up by 3m euros from last year. 

South Africa's  brightest hope at the US Open will be top ranked national player Kevin Anderson, who is currently 21st in the ATP ratings and reached the final of the Atlanta Open in July.

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