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Dennis gets apology over Mosley sting- 15 May 2008 06:45:00

Czech motorsport chief executive Radovan Novak has apologised for speculating that McLaren boss Ron Dennis was linked to the newspaper sting against FIA president Max Mosley.

Newspaper reports last month claimed world motorsport chief Mosley took part in a ‘Nazi-style orgy’ but he denies any Nazi connotations.

Novak suggested the sting could have been connected as revenge for the F1 spy scandal last year which saw McLaren being fined £50m for possessing Ferrari documents in 2007.

Dennis denied any link and Novak has apologised for a ‘misunderstanding’.

A statement read: ‘Mr Novak has asked us to make it clear that he does not believe that McLaren or Mr Dennis were involved in the events referred to and that the remarks are not representative of his views.

‘McLaren is pleased to be able to confirm that it has been contacted by Mr Radovan Novak to explain the background that led to certain remarks related to McLaren and Mr Ron Dennis being made in an interview that he gave to Radio Impuls in the Czech Republic.

‘Mr Novak has apologised for the misunderstanding and McLaren and Mr Dennis have thanked him for this gracious and swift reaction.’

Mosley faces an extraordinary hearing in front of the organisation's general assembly in Paris on 3rd June during which a vote of confidence will be taken.

The News of the World has a video of Mosley with prostitutes and the 68-year-old has apologised for any embarrassment caused by the incident.

However, he is seeking unlimited damages from the newspaper because he denied his actions had any Nazi connotations. The case will be heard in July although the newspaper is standing by its story.


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