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Tennis gets betting review results- 20 May 2008 07:10:00

An independent panel has revealed 45 professional tennis matches over the last five years remain under suspicion because of unusual betting patterns.

The review into the sport's integrity was sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation, the men's and women's tours and the Grand Slams.

The panel states ‘professional tennis is neither systematically nor institutionally corrupt’. However, 45 unnamed matches require further examination, it says.

A statement from the review read: ‘That said, we have found no evidence of any 'Mafia' involvement in corrupting the integrity of tennis. We do not doubt that criminal elements may be involved in seeking to subvert or corrupt some players or officials and that they may even involve organized criminal gangs.’

In total, 15 recommendations - all accepted by the governing bodies - were made by the review, including a uniform anti-corruption programme being agreed by the tennis authorities and a ruling that any player caught cheating faces suspensions of up to a life ban.


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