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Mosley to stay on as FIA president- 3 Jun 2008 16:30:00

The 222 motorsport clubs that constitute the FIA Council have voted in favour of president Max Mosley retaining his role despite the widespread scandal caused by newspaper claims regarding his private life.

The 68-year-old faced a vote of confidence at an FIA Council meeting in Paris following allegations in the News of the World that he took part in a ‘Nazi-style orgy’ with prostitutes.

More than a third of delegates did not back Mosley at the meeting but he won enough votes to stay on securing a margin of 103 votes in favour of the 169 cast.  

Mosley had to win by a straight majority and, although not all of the 222 members submitted a vote, some who were unable to attend the meeting did vote by proxy.

Mosley called the vote following a newspaper report that he took part in a 'Nazi-style orgy' with prostitutes, though he denied Nazi connotations.

Mosley has apologised for any embarrassment but has denied there were any Nazi connotations to his actions.

Since the story broke in April, Mosley has steadfastedly refused to stand down despite increasing number of voices calling for his resignation, including most recently F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

Mosley's tenure as president ends in October 2009 and he says he will not continue beyond that even after his victory in today's vote.

The president of FIA senate and the president of Monte Carlo federation, Michel Boeri, chaired the meeting which also allowed for questions from the floor.

A report into whether the Nazi connotation to the News of the World allegation was justified has been commissioned by Mosley and carried out by Anthony Scrivener QC and was also presented ahead of the vote.

The result of the vote has caused mixed responses from the FIA members with US delegate Robert Darbelnet commenting that he was disappointed with the outcome and may withdraw his country's membership.

Many other member organisations are likely to take a similar view given 22 bodies signed a petition letter only a matter of weeks ago requesting Mosley's resignation.

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