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Ecclestone dismisses breakaway talk- 9 Jun 2008 08:33:00

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has dismissed speculation that teams could break away from the sport in response to scandal-hit Max Mosley’s retention of his presidency of the FIA.

Mosley, who has been under pressure since newspaper allegations in March that he took part in a Nazi-style orgy with prostitutes, won a vote of confidence of FIA members last week but doubts remain over his ability to unite the sport.
However Ecclestone was quick to dismiss rumours that the situation has intruded on talks on a new F1 contract. The Concorde Agreement, the document by which F1 is governed and which ties the teams to the sport, expired at the end of last year.

That means the teams are theoretically free to set up their own championship, for which they would negotiate with circuits and television companies themselves.

He said: ‘Nobody has discussed a breakaway. We have been discussing what we are putting in a Concorde Agreement, which we have spent two years trying to get signed.

‘But these guys [the teams] can never make up their minds - one team wants something, another team something else and another team another. I think Max would really like a Concorde Agreement a little more suited to the FIA, while the teams are against each other. It is really important we have one so everyone knows what the rules are.’

Mosley won 103 of 169 votes in the vote at an FIA extraordinary general meeting in Paris but many of the bigger clubs - such as the automobile associations of the US and Germany - voted against him.

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