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Nike runs new Federer TV ad- 3 Jul 2008 10:15:00

Nike is running a new TV ad campaign featuring five-time Wimbledon winner Roger Federer in the run-up to the climax of this year’s tournament.

The new ‘Battle’ spot focuses on the behind the scenes preparation that helps Federer maintain his sharpness.

Featuring the talents of comedian Rhys Darby as ‘The Coach’, the humourous ad sees Darby look to test Federer when he least expects it.

The creative sees ‘The Coach’ strikes with guerrilla stealth in Federer’s home. An escalating tennis match ensues, destroying Federer's house and ending in the coach’s humbling defeat. All the while, Federer’s effortless play demonstrates that even the most unexpected adversaries are no match for the Wimbledon champ.

The ad, directed in partnership with the innovative Hoffman Brothers firm, will air in the UK with immediate effect on Sky Sports News, when fans can witness Federer ‘train’ with Darby.


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