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RFU hands out ticket sanctions- 5 Dec 2006 00:00:00

The RFU has clamped down on abuse of 2007 Six Nations ticket allocations by its members, imposing sanctions on 24 clubs including Northampton Saints and Saracens who were found to have broken the strict regulations.

The move is part of the RFU’s tougher stance on black market tickets aimed at wiping out the long-held practice of selling on allocated club tickets.

Northampton Saints was one of 10 clubs to be handed a 25% reduction in ticket allocation for a year while Saracens were handed a 10% reduction for a different infringement.

RFU Business Operations Director Paul Vaughan said: ‘To maintain the growth of the game and participation it’s important that being a member of a club has benefits, including access to Twickenham international tickets.

‘In line with our ticket distribution philosophy, we will continue working to reduce the number of tickets reaching the black market by taking sanctions against those who breach our ticketing terms and conditions by reselling to unauthorised operators.

‘For the 2006/7 season, the RFU strengthened its ticketing terms and conditions.  In addition to preventing the resale of tickets, we have now also prevented the advertising of tickets for resale.’

The RFU’s ticket terms and conditions allow member clubs to sell allocated tickets on to official licensed operators only.

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