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FIA's Mosley wins High Court case- 24 Jul 2008 00:00:00

Max Mosley, the president of world motorsport governing body the FIA, has won his legal action against the News of the World over an article claiming he took part in a Nazi-style orgy with prostitutes.

Mosley had taken the newspaper to the High Court claiming the article had breached his privacy – a claim that the judge supported awarding the FIA president £60,000 in damages.

The 68-year old admitted a consensual sadomasochistic sex session with five prostitutes at a London flat in March, but denied that it had a Nazi theme.

The paper's story was based on a secret video from one of the women which was then streamed on the News of the World’s website.

At the High Court, Mr Justice Eady did not make the unprecedented award of punitive exemplary damages that had also been sought by Mosley – a ruling that would have set a precedent for future cases. 
Mosley told the court his life has been devastated and that the publicity had been 'totally devastating' for his wife of 48 years, and he could think of 'nothing more undignified or humiliating' for his two sons to experience.

The paper's editor, Colin Myler, had defended his actions that he believed the story was one of 'legitimate public interest and one that I believe was legitimately published'.

He also said: 'We felt that what we saw, what we witnessed, was on balance a fair and reasonable interpretation of Nazi-style role-play.'

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