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Mosley to launch additional lawsuits- 28 Jul 2008 00:00:00

FIA president Max Mosley is set to launch a number of additional lawsuits after winning his case for invasion of privacy against the News of the World last week.

Mosley, who won £60,000 in damages following the News of the World’s publication of an article claiming that the FIA president was involved in a Nazi-style orgy with prostitutes, is set to launch a further libel action against the newspaper.

This lawsuit is also being followed up by similar legal actions against the Bild newspaper in Germany and publications in France and Italy who followed up with subsequent reports following the News of the World exclusive.

Mosley said that, as well as legal action in the UK and German, he would pursue action in France and Italy where pictures of him were published, infringing copyright.

Mosley won his High Court case last week, after Mr Justice Eady ruled there was ‘no evidence’ of any re-enactment of Nazi behaviour.

The libel action could prove extremely costly for the News of the World. It already faces costs of more than £900,000, which includes the £60,000 in damages, plus Mosley's and its own legal costs.

The ruling by Mr Justice Eady has come in for criticism from a number of quarters, which have argued that it is an attack on free speech.

The lawsuit against Bild, owned by publisher Axel Springer, is for breach of trust, violations of copyright laws and fraud. He is demanding more than £1.1m from the paper and its online sister publication.


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