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CAS will review West Ham appeal- 16 Oct 2008 00:00:00

The Court of Arbitration for Sport will review West Ham’s appeal over the £30m compensation fee the club has been ordered to pay Sheffield United over the latter’s relegation from the Premier League.

Despite initially claiming its rules would not allow an appeal, CAS will now examine whether it has jurisdiction to hear the case, although a decision on this is not expected until the end of November.

A three-man panel will now undergo an initial hearing to decide whether CAS can legislate over the case.

One arbitrator was supposed to be provided by each club with the third member, the chairman, being nominated by CAS. Yet while West Ham have provided an arbitrator, Sheffield United have not, meaning CAS will appoint this member as well.

An independent tribunal set up by the FA ruled that West Ham’s use of Carlos Tevez, despite the player’s lack of proper registration, constituted towards Sheffield United being relegated from the Premier League and consequently supported the latter’s view that they required compensation.

West Ham are expected to argue that FA rules would be in breach of FIFA statutes if they did not allow for an appeal to CAS.

The Blades would be reluctant to give agreement to an appeal that could overturn the decision of the independent tribunal. The FA actually has a rule that stipulates there cannot be an appeal from the verdict of an independent tribunal.


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