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ICC takes action against YouTube- 27 Mar 2007 00:00:00

The International Cricket Council has ordered its online rights protection agency NetResult to instruct video-sharing website YouTube to remove all clips of the Cricket World Cup under the charge of copyright infringement.

ICC Development, the governing body’s commercial arm and World Cup rights holder Global Cricket Corporation believe that YouTube is infringing the rights of the tournament broadcast and sponsorship partners by screening action clips on its website.

‘We are here to protect the commercial broadcast rights for the ICC and GCC and there is an issue here,’ said Christopher Stokes, the chief executive of NetResult.

‘In general there is a dilemma for rights holders in that they want people to enjoy the event but also have stringent contracts with TV broadcasters and with mobile rights holders. In today's world, broadcasters buy highlights as well as live coverage and mobile rights means clips. There is an obligation to protect them.’

The infringement claim covers ‘hundreds’ of clips according to Stokes incorporating the rebroadcast of TV footage from the tournament or any handheld recording devices held by fans at the grounds.

YouTube has yet to comment on the proceedings

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