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Rivals building West Ham legal case- 14 May 2007 00:00:00

Despite retaining their Premiership status, West Ham are set to face a tough summer with a host of top-flight clubs set to launch a massive legal campaign against the club over the Carlos Tevez player registration row.

Sheffield United, who were relegated from the Premier League at the weekend, will set about canvassing support from other clubs as it looks to forge ahead with legal action.

Wigan, Fulham, Charlton and Middlesbrough are all known to support United’s stance which claims that West Ham should have been docked points as well as the £5.5m the club was fined by the FA Premier League.

Meetings will take place this week to formalise the legal proceedings against the league and West Ham.

Sheffield United chairman Kevin McCabe said: ‘Most of the clubs support the injustice that has come about this season, I would hope we would get the backing of most. I feel cheated because yesterday's result was not the root cause of our relegation.

‘It will need conversations with chairmen and directors so they understand all of the injustices, so I suspect we will be canvassing. If I were on the Premier League board, I would say 'we must address Sheffield United's plight that has come about through no cause of their own'.

‘So they need to call their own internal meetings and decide what to do. It is their responsibility to pursue it just as much as it is ours.’

Relegation from the top-flight cost Sheffield United approximately £50m in revenue with the Premiership’s new enhanced TV contract set to kick in at the start of next season.

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