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MCC pushes for day-night tests- 29 Mar 2010 00:00:00

The MCC are set to try and push for day-night test matches with the use of the pink ball in the English cricket season opener against Durham in Abu Dhabi.

The pink balls are set to be used with the match partly being under floodlights when County champions Durham will play the MCC in a four-day match at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium.

MCC chief executive Keith Bradshaw said a successful trial of the ball in Abu Dhabi could bring evening Tests closer: ‘If the ball stacks up here, performs well, holds its shine and shape and the players have good visibility, then that's as good a test as any.’

Bradshaw thinks that if the match is a success then the MC will look to push through day-night test matches as quick as possible: ‘I would like to think that if the tests go well and the ball stacks up that we could implement this fairly quickly.’

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