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UEFA cracks down on illegal CL streaming- 27 Jun 2007 00:00:00

In a landmark case, UEFA has obtained bankruptcy orders against three individuals who were commercially exploiting and profiting from the illegal streaming of UEFA Champions League matches.

This decision brings to a conclusion the action taken by UEFA against the individuals who were illegally operating a series of websites unlawfully streaming, and making available to paying subscribers, television coverage of UEFA Champions League matches.

The claim by UEFA had alleged infringement of copyright in the broadcasts, and all the separate ancillary copyright works included in those broadcasts, in particular the UEFA Champions League music, the UEFA Champions League on-screen graphics, the sponsored video sequences and the UEFA Champions League Starball.

Commenting on the conclusion of the case UEFA general secretary, David Taylor, said:

‘Last year we successfully stopped a small group of individuals from pirating our broadcasts of UEFA Champions League matches and then re-distributing them for their own gains. Now, with the recent news that these individuals have been officially declared bankrupt, we have taken note that the process is complete.

‘We will continue in the battle against the unauthorised and illegal streaming of UEFA competitions over the internet, and I hope this will also serve as a deterrent to others who are contemplating such illegal activity. This case should be seen as an important step for rights holders everywhere.’

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