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Castleford Tigers to leave Wheldon Road- 25 Mar 2011 00:00:00

Rugby League club Castleford Tigers has announced it is leaving its ground, Wheldon Road, in a £50m deal that will see the stadium’s land become a supermarket.

The West Yorkshire club is preparing to move to a 20-acre plot at Glasshoughton, with the cash to be used to fund a new stadium by 2013.

The club said it had entered a deal with Opus Land Ltd and a financial partner, Palmer Capital.

A statement for the club said that the move would: ‘both trigger the regeneration of Wheldon Road and help promote the town centre of Castleford’.

A detailed planning application for the new stadium is now being considered by the council.

Richard Wright, Castleford Tigers chief executive said: ‘We are in a very fortunate position to own the land at our current facility’.

‘The PROBIZ Coliseum is the club's largest single financial asset and our business plan has always been to identify the sale and future usage that would provide the greatest financial return to fund the new stadium development’.

‘We are diligently putting the final touches to our licence application that we strongly believe will ensure Castleford Tigers remains a dominant force in Super League for many years to come’.

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