Aarhus to bring fans into stadium using Zoom

22 May 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Danish Superliga side Aarhus GF (AGF) will create a ‘virtual stadium’ for its fans when it returns to competitive football behind closed doors.

The Danish top flight will return on 28th May, when AGF will play against Randers FC, during which fans will be able to join the match via Zoom, thanks to a collaboration between the platform and the club.

The new digital initiative, which the club says requires 23 of its staff to execute during the match, will allow fans to get a free ticket and gather with other fans who have a ticket to the same virtual grandstand section. 

The club says there are 22 different sections to choose from - just like in the club’s stadium, which will also include room for both home fans, neutral spectators and away fans in the virtual setting.

“It will be the first tournament match in a long time. We are celebrating that with a historic digital initiative, and we are proud to be the first club in the world to use it,” said Jacob Nielsen, CEO, AGF.

“Now it seems that we have to do without spectators for a while, so maybe we can inspire a similar initiative at other clubs that can also benefit from it in the coming time.”

The digital initiative will also see screens set up in each of the 22 sections of AGF’s Ceres Park which will show fans watching from their virtual grandstand.