Apple ad debuts new Voice Control technology

11 Jun 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

The storyline of the 60-second ad demonstrates how Apples new Voice Control feature, which allows Mac and iPhone users to control their devices just by speaking, can make sport more accessible.

Ian Mackay, quadriplegic former cyclist and accessibility advocate is shown at his computer, commanding it to write and send messages, open photos and scroll all with his voice. Any action that would require him to click is instead displayed in a numbered list with Mackay free to say which number he wants – the ad revealing that Mackay has in fact been setting a meet up with a cycling friend, whom he later joins on the road.

Apple has a long history of building ad campaigns around its accessibility offerings, and the launch of this new Voice Control technology follows FIFA’s virtual hackathon campaign, inviting developers and fans to suggest new ideas and prototypes for voice assistants that can be used in football.