AWS and Bundesliga launch new real-time AI 'Match Facts'

Thursday, February 11, 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Amazon Web Services and the Bundesliga have launched a new series of Match Facts, powered by AWS, in a bid to give fans deeper insights into matches during broadcast. 

The new AI-driven stats will include Most Pressed Player, which highlights how often a player in possession experiences a significant pressure situation throughout a match; Attacking Zones, which shows fans which side of the pitch a team is most likely to attack on or score from; and Average Positions – Trends, which shows how changes to a team’s tactical formation can impact a match’s outcome.

Generated by gathering and analysing data from live game video feeds as they’re streamed into AWS, Match Facts are presented as graphics during broadcasts and in the official Bundesliga app. The data is then provided back to broadcast viewers around the world in real-time as statistics, aiming to showcase a team’s decision making on the pitch. 

The new stats will debut during Matchday 21, from February 12, featuring in RB Leipzig’s match against Augsburg.