Boston sport arena TD Garden installs checkout-free stores

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

TD Garden - the US arena which is home to NBA side Boston Celtics and NHL side Boston Bruins - has opened new checkout-free stores, which will use Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology.

The stores will allow fans to shop for snacks and drinks without having to stop to pay. Amazon’s technology allows shoppers to enter the store using their credit or debit card, and is then able to detect which products are taken from or returned to shelves, keeping track of them in a virtual cart. It then charges the shopper’s cart when they leave the shop.

The technology is delivered by a combination of ‘computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning’, developed by Amazon, which gets rid of the need for checkout lines.

The exteriors of the shops in the arena are framed by glass walls, making it easy to see what is in stock and how many other shoppers are inside, while the entrance is outfitted with electronic gates where customers insert their credit card to access the store, with TD Garden staff serving as greeters and providing in-store assistance if needed.