BT and Scottish Rugby gave fans VR training experience

04 Mar 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

BT and Scottish Rugby have given fans the chance to take part in a training session with their heroes through a VR-enabled sports team training experience.

Created with a robotic, remotely controlled and gyroscopically stabilised 360 degree camera system that can travel at the same speeds as the players sprinting, the pair were able to create a first of its kind virtual reality film.

Using a combination of virtual reality headsets, team audio, and haptic suits, fans have been able to ‘take part’ in a training session led by Scotland Skills Coach Mike Blair and Stuart Hogg, the current captain. 

The haptic “suit” gives users a sense of realistic touches, glances and hits in training, delivering immersion and a sense of realism in combination with a VR headset to put participants in the thick of numerous drills, demos and skills with the Scottish national team. 

Toni Blackhurst, Head of Group Marketing & Commercial said: “We’re delighted with this experience that BT has developed, and it’s been really exciting to see it transform from the initial filming with the Scotland squad to the VR experience that we launched last week. We always strive to be innovative in initiatives that we develop for fans, to bring them closer to the action and this is a great example of working with a partner to help deliver such a thing.”

Matt Stevenson, head of sponsorship and brand activation, BT Consumer, said:  “BT is proud to have developed this solution and work in partnership with Scottish Rugby to get fans closer to the sport. We’re thrilled that the solution achieves that aim, and look forward to working further with Scottish Rugby to use the technology to benefit their teams and players.”

BT says it is exploring ways to make the experience more widely available across the country, with plans for a wider launch in the works.

The telecommunications giant has been a partner of Scottish Rugby since 2014, investing in all levels of the game and putting its name to the nation’s home ground, Murrayfield.