Bury FC looks to make its stadium cashless

06 Nov 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

Bury FC has kicked off its partnership with tappit, which will see the Energy Check Stadium become cashless, as the club looks to become the UK's first stadium to become totally cashless.

The away shirt sponsor provides cashless experiences to sports events, festivals and other entertainment venues and will now implement this at the English Football League ground.

Fans will have a Bury-branded NFC-enabled tappit card, which will be prepaid, they can then use the card to buy various items on matchday including food and drink.

The club hopes that it will reduce queues and will be able to be used at four of the club’s concession stands, the Members Suits, Starkies Restaurant, the Social Club, and the retail shop.

tappit has been used at a number of sporting events including the Dubai Rugby 7’s and also worked with HSBC for another Rugby 7’s event in Hong Kong using wristbands.

Bury FC, commercial director, Matt Caren, said: “We’re hugely excited to bring new technology to the club. Offering our fans the chance to go cashless at The Energy Check Stadium at Gigg Lane is such a positive move for us. tappit is becoming much more than a shirt sponsor, partnering with an organisation that has this expertise gives us the chance to improve the matchday experience for our fans. It also helps us find out more about the behaviours of our supporters and learn how best we can communicate with our fans moving forward.”

tappit CEO, Rob Groombridge, added: “When we first spoke to Bury about sponsoring the club, we discussed taking the stadium cashless and were delighted to find the club is so keen to embrace new technology. This is the first step in Bury’s journey to becoming the UK’s first cashless stadium, leading the way in payment innovation within football. We look forward to giving Bury fans a great cashless experience for years to come.”