Catapult Sports launches SmartCoach system

07 Jun 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Sports tech brand Catapult Sports has launched PLAYR, a new football product that combines GPS technology with personalised sports science advice to help improve performance.

Available to consumers across the UK and Ireland from this week, PLAYR aims to provide advanced amateur football players with insight to train, prepare and play just like the world’s elite.

Using an advanced tracking system that records up to 1,200 movements per second, the wearable system combines GPS heat maps – showing sprint, distance and speed data – with a real-time SmartCoach app, created in partnership with Premier League performance specialists.

PLAYR also worked with some of the best professional football coaches and sports scientists including the likes of Tony Strudwick, head of performance for Wales FA; Matt Reeves, head of fitness and conditioning for Leicester City FC; and Chris Barnes, football performance consultant for a variety of Premier League clubs - to provide individually tailored advice on preparation, performance and recovery.

Leicester City FC’s Matt Reeves said: “Technology and sports science is key to the modern game, whether that be an elite professional athlete chasing a Premier League title, or an amateur just starting their career. Catapult Sports has been integral to our recent successes, allowing us to revolutionise our training regime leading to top quality performances on the pitch. The opportunity for aspiring players to now use technology such as PLAYR, is fantastic.”

Benoit Simeray, consumer CEO of Catapult, said: “PLAYR is a system that promises to revolutionise how people play the game. For the first time, amateurs and aspiring players will be able to train like the pros and ultimately bring a higher level of performance onto the pitch. No other tracking device comes as close to the elite choice as PLAYR, and it’s available for all.”

With SmartCoach insight, consumers are able to benchmark their match and training data against the greatest players in the world, as well as their football peers and community.

The PLAYR system consists of three elements; the SmartPod, the SmartVest and the SmartCoach App. With wireless charging and five hours’ battery, the SmartPod tracks accuracy to the nearest 100cm.

Catapult’s technology was previously only available to professionals at elite teams and is currently being used by the likes of Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City. PLAYR became available for purchase from 6th June via