02 Aug 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

DNAFit is calling on the elite sporting community to sign up to ‘StartLine’, a new scientific research project analysing the defining genetic factors for thousands of global sports stars.

StartLine is the latest study from the fitness and diet genetics company, which will assess the individual DNA of world class athletes across all major sports, in search of greater understanding of the links between certain genotypes and elite athletic performance. The research will help to better understand the commonality between certain DNA traits that could in turn inform better quality training and sports science advances.

The StartLine research project is the latest step in DNAFit’s work in understanding the impact of highly personalised and genetically guided training.

In 2016 the brand published the first ever peer reviewed study that revealed focused ‘genetic inspired’ training can deliver almost three times the response rates as opposed to unguided ‘one-size-fits-all' training.

Avi Lasarow, CEO, DNAFit said: “This is a very important project and at DNAFit we are excited to be leading the way in the search to identify common links between genetics and elite athletic performance. We are calling on the world’s leading sportspeople to sign up to receive their free DNAFit test, but more importantly help our whole industry continue our extensive research into the impact of matching training to personal genetics. This benefits not only world of professional sport, but also helps us to enrich the lives of all consumers who want to improve their health and fitness.”

StartLine is open to all elite level athletes, both current and retired, who have competed at either continent, world or Olympic level of competition within their professional sport, and can sign up here.

The move marks the latest expansion for DNAFit, shortlisted for the Cutting Edge Sport Award in association with Sela Sport at the BT Sport Industry Awards 2017, who also moved into the rugby market in partnership with Springbok Bryan Habana earlier this year with Rugby Gene-ius, a new online training plan tailored to individual DNA.