EV Zug unveils dynamic ticket pricing system

05 Sep 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Swiss Ice Hockey club EV Zug has partnered with ticketing provider SecuTix and price optimisation software company Smart Pricer to introduce automated dynamic pricing for tickets to the team's games.

For the 2019/20 season, the club will be able to optimise ticket prices with the use of an AI and machine learning programme designed to adjust prices depending on the game’s attractiveness to fans. The system takes into account the popularity of the opponent and the day of the week as well as the stage of the season in order to ensure tickets are priced properly for each game with the aim of filling the stadium as often as possible.

The system offers cheaper tickets for early bookers and less popular games, but also ensures that season tickets remain the cheapest way of booking throughout the course of the whole campaign.

Patrick Lengwiler, CEO, EV Zug, said: "The successful trial phase of dynamic pricing in the 2018/19 season convinced us. What's truly important to us is that we maintain full control over the ticket prices - despite the automation - by setting the price range ourselves."