Extreme E in world-first fuel cell deal

15 Jul 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Extreme E has announced a new partnership with AFC Energy, in a world-first collaboration that will see hydrogen fuel cell technology used across the race fleet, culminating in zero missions.

The hydrogen fuel cell generators will be used for charging each race vehicle, creating a minimal impact on the local environments that Extreme E will race in.

The system uses water and sun to generate the hydrogen power needed, and will emit zero greenhouse gases in the process. The only by-product is water, which will be used elsewhere on-site.

“In everything we do around this championship we are focussed on being sustainable and supporting the environment, whilst also being innovative,” said Alejandro Agag, Extreme E’s Founder and CEO.

“It is fantastic that Extreme E is leading the way in motorsport when it comes to sustainable solutions like this. Motorsport is often associated with a high detrimental footprint on the environment through event infrastructures, but we are trying to change that, and this collaboration with AFC Energy is a huge step in the right direction.”