Feel the Drive delivers F1 first

13 May 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Digital technology specialist HeadsUp has teamed up with Teslasuit, Rokid and Lumus to create the first full-body, multi-sensory driving experience for Formula 1 fans in the F1 Paddock Club.

Feel the Drive has been created by using the on-car camera feed and telemetry data from Lewis Hamilton’s pole-position lap at the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix, where he set a track record with a time of 1:16.173.

During this year’s Spanish Grand Prix at the weekend, guests at the F1 Paddock Club were able to experience and feel how the lap was driven by using the state-of-the-art Lumus AR Optical lens or Rokid headset twinned with the Teslasuit.

The Teslasuit’s haptic sensors were able to replicate the acceleration, g-force, gear change and braking of Hamilton’s lap, with every vibration and force translating to the body of the user.

Data collected from Hamilton’s car was synced to the haptic sensors to provide guests with the lifelike experience, which lasted 20 minutes.

Paul Nickeas, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of HeadsUp, said: “F1 is the most technologically advanced sport and entertainment platform. Working on this with the team has been an amazing opportunity to deliver a world first for sports.

“Using a combination of mixed-reality optics, haptics and telemetry data, we have designed ‘Feel the Drive’ to be the ultimate data-driven racing experience, a chance to feel the sheer power of an F1 car at speed, from acceleration, gear and throttle changes, braking, cornering with all of the excitement delivered by wearable tech of the future.

“Working at R&D level with companies like Teslasuit, Lumus and Rokid, we are able to combine and manipulate next-generation technology alongside F1 car performance data to create unforgettable fan experiences."

Kate Beavan, Director of Hospitality and Experiences for F1, added: “This is exactly what the F1 Paddock Club is all about – taking the best and most groundbreaking immersive experiences and offering them to our guests.”

Sean Bratches, F1’s Managing Director of Commercial Operations, will be speaking at the Sport Industry Breakfast Club this Thursday.