FIFA explores voice assistant tech with virtual hackathon

03 Jun 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

FIFA has launched a virtual hackathon, inviting developers and fans to suggest new ideas and prototypes for voice assistants that can be used in football.

The best entries in the online competition will be rewarded with tickets for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, which takes place in Lyon, France on 7th July.

The initiative has been launched as FIFA continues to seek new ways to engage with fans through digital technology, while exploring how it can democratise innovation in football.

FIFA cited the proliferation of voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, as a reason for the hackathon, which will explore innovative ways to integrate the technology with football events and data.

The initiative will seek to ‘Give voice to football’ and will be hosted on software development platform Github until 10th June.

The winners of the two tracks will be determined by a panel of judges selected by FIFA and Github. Submissions will be judged on whether they fit the topic, the quality, utility and innovative nature of the product idea/demo, and the compelling use of FIFA data/APIs.

A particular focus will be placed on product ideas and prototypes of Alexa Skills and Google Actions that show innovative and compelling ways to interact with football-related content through voice-driven devices.

Submissions for the product idea track should include a brief description of the product and a detailed explanation of the concept, as well as functionalities and mock-ups of the user experience and journey.

For the prototype or demo track, participants will be required to provide a “proof of concept” or “minimum viable product” for an Alexa Skill, Google Action or another product that uses voice interaction.

A detailed description of the prototype will be required, along with the source code and the documentation needed to run and test the technology.

FIFA is keen for participants to address what kind of voice experience is relevant for football fans, and how they can leverage the governing body's data in the context of virtual assistants.