Fujitsu aids gymnastics judging

03 Oct 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Fujitsu and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) have jointly developed a new judging support system, which will use artificial intelligence and 3D sensors to confirm difficulty scores on four different apparatus.

In the event of blocked scores on the Pommel Horse, Still Rings, men's Vault and women's Vault, judges will be able to review gymnasts' routines using the system which is designed to aid decisions.

The system’s 3D sensors capture each gymnast’s movement, which is then analysed as numerical data using AI. Judges will have access to 3D digital views of the routine as well as angle measurements, as they look to make the most accurate judgements possible.

Morinari Watanabe, President, FIG, said: "The people we must always have in mind are the gymnasts. They dedicate their youth to this sport, which gives them dreams and sees them flourish. We cannot accept that all those years of hard effort and all those dreams can be destroyed by a single judging error. Scoring controversies must become a thing of the past, and the technology that Fujitsu has been developing will reinforce trust in judgement." 

Hiroyuki Sakai, Executive Vice President, Fujitsu, said: "We are pleased that our judging support system will be officially implemented at the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart. Through this opportunity, the FIG and Fujitsu will continue to create value for Gymnastics, further accelerating our co-creation activities to develop the discipline and promote the global sports business."