Gatorade releases 'sweat patch' to monitor fluid loss

Thursday, March 4, 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Gatorade has announced the launch of a new wearable ‘sweat patch’ aimed at helping athletes to better understand their hydration needs.

The Gx Sweat Patch launches with a new Gx App - available only on iOS for the moment - that gives athletes access to Gatorade Sports Science Institute’s 35-years of research and insights, according to the company. 

The patch is a single use wearable that uses lab-based sweat testing protocol to determine an athlete’s ‘unique sweat profile’ to help them make better decisions about their hydration strategies. According to Gatorade, when used together, the app and patch can provide specific recommendations on hydration to ensure proper fueling before, during and after exercise.

Placed on the left inner arm during a workout, and the patch is designed to fill up as the athlete exercises. It can then be scanned into the app afterwards to reveal the user’s unique sweat profile.

With support to integrate across Garmin Connect, Strava and Apple Health, the Gx App can share exercise data, and provide insights on training load, recovery and nutrition using a curated number scale which outlines how well the user is tracking towards their individual activity goals.