Hearo Unveils Wireless Tennis Ball Speaker

11 Jul 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

hearO has unveiled a Bluetooth speaker housed in old Wimbledon championship tennis balls. 

Soft and bouncy by nature, the tennis ball serves as a protective layer for the device, while the rubber and tactile felt also helps to eliminate vibration - improving acoustics.

According to the brand, a hydraulic press was developed using insights from the fashion, aviation and automotive industries to precision cut the balls. To charge the device, the speaker rests on a magnetic charging cradle, with a fully charged battery allowing for up to seven hours of continuous listening.

Designer Richard Moss said: “Tennis always stayed in my heart. While working as an engineer in London I started to reimagine how a championship tennis ball could live on. I saw the ball as the perfect handheld object.

"After playing with several ideas I thought, why not fuse the ball into a connective speaker? hearO’s shape and portability make it the ideal media companion.

“The goal is to become an icon of reuse and environmental awareness.”