IBM launches AI-based app Coach Advisor

29 Aug 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

IBM has launched an AI-based analytics app to help tennis coaches deliver more effective coaching to their players.

Currently being piloted at the US Open among a select group, the tech company plans to roll it out to a wider range of players and coaches in the future.

IBM says that the app leverages data and uses a new data set the company calls the Energy System to quantify a player's physical exertion and endurance and to make correlations to match performance, giving coaches useable information in real time.

Taking into account a player’s height, body weight, average speed and the overall work done during a match, as well as cumulative weighted acceleration and deceleration used, the app aims to give coaches the ability to understand the relationship between physical exertion and player performance.

Noah Syken, Vice President, Sports & Entertainment Partnerships, IBM, said: "Over the nearly 30 years we have partnered with the US Open, we have seen first-hand the enormous amount of tennis data generated over the course of a two-week tournament. In partnership with the USTA, we continue to leverage artificial intelligence and analytics on the cloud to harness this data and deliver a best-in-class digital and onsite experience for millions of fans.

"With Coach Advisor, we're proud to now bring these advanced technologies to USTA coaches directly to tap into new data sources, so they can drive a deeper analysis of the game and support the growth and development of U.S. tennis players."