Inside Inter’s new innovation station

Friday, October 6, 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

LiveWire Sport takes Cutting Edge Sport inside Inter Milan's latest innovations at the launch of its new Media House...

Football clubs just aren’t football clubs any more.

Or rather they aren’t just football clubs. Forward-thinking organisations – like Italian giants Inter Milan - are increasingly turning themselves into media companies, taking ownership of their content and narratives.

The club has launched its own Media House with the aim of positioning themselves to capitalise on their global reputation and engage a whole new generation of fans with a focus on innovation and exclusive content.

The goal of Inter Media House is to provide their estimated 300m global fans with a “unique, immersive insight into all things Inter”, wherever they are in the world and on whatever device they want to use, bringing supporters closer to the club on match days and throughout the week.

No club can afford to take their fans for granted in a rapidly changing digital landscape, and Inter have put a renewed emphasis on digital and social media at the heart of their strategy to grow their global fanbase.

“We know that ours is a relationship business with the end user, which in this case are the fans,” says Giuliano Giorgetti, the club’s media content director.

“Delivering content is fundamental if we want to improve the fans' experience and make it a more and more engaging experience. That is our goal. At the basis of it all is the understanding that football clubs are becoming more and more like media companies.”

Creating content which cuts across cultural and linguistic barriers is a challenge for all global players, and it’s one that Inter – now under the ownership of Chinese retail group Suning Holdings – are well aware of.

“We want to think global, act local,” added Giorgetti, with Inter picking out the Chinese market as a particular focus. “That's where the real challenge lies – in creating content that is tailored to local communities around the world.”

With more than 3.6km of cabling, over 350 TB of network storage capacity and state-of-the-art camera and studio equipment, the Media House – which is also home to a cutting edge medical department and training facilities – has everything it needs to capture all the key moments in the club’s daily life before converting them into content to share via their social channels, new app and Inter TV, the rebranded in-house television channel.

“We're focusing on creativity and technology,” said Giorgetti.

“Technology enables us to describe our world from a different point of view and reach the right target audiences. Creativity, meanwhile, is needed to take the values of the sports market into other markets such as lifestyle and music.”

Ultimately, the club’s results on the pitch are pivotal to their ambitions and Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello points to the club’s illustrious history as a highly significant advantage.

“Inter is a club with a long history and we’ve enjoyed a great deal of success down the years,” he said.

“That’s why we’re one of the biggest football brands in the world. We want to ensure we remain at the forefront of the game in this time of great change by exporting our brand outside of Italy.”

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