Intelligent bike lights to help steer British Cycling strategy

09 Oct 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

See.Sense, the Northern Ireland-based intelligent bike light start-up, has signed a landmark partnership with British Cycling.

A four-year agreement will see the manufacturer, which featured in Cutting Edge Sport last year, become British Cycling’s Official Bike Light Supplier.

It will also have an additional designation of Official Crowdsourced Data and Insight Supplier, reflecting British Cycling’s plans to use the insights detected from the intelligent bike lights and shared by cyclists through the See.Sense mobile app to help improve conditions for cyclists throughout the country. 

The See.Sense bike lights work via a patented sensor technology that monitors the experience of a cyclist, feeding back real-time information on collisions or near-miss events, road surface quality, journey flow, speed and dwell times.

Key features of the product include its ability to shine powerfully in daylight as well as night-time conditions.

Other functionality includes automated responses to riskier road conditions such as roundabouts or junctions, when the lights automatically flash stronger and faster.

Brightness levels also adjust in clearer or lighter conditions to conserve and prolong battery life.

Commenting on the new partnership, Philip McAleese, CEO at See.Sense, said: “At See.Sense we want to make cycling better. Cycling that’s safer, more convenient and more enjoyable for everyone. 

“Today’s announcement will speed up this process as we work closely with British Cycling and local authorities to implement the changes required from our rider insights.

“Now, every time someone cycles with a See.Sense light on, they’ll know that they’re not only more visible on their ride, but that they’re also empowered to help make cycling better for everyone.”

British Cycling’s commercial director, Jonathan Rigby, added: “This is a really exciting partnership for both our members, the See.Sense community and cyclists across Britain.

“Our aim is to inspire and support people to cycle more regularly. 

“The data generated by See.Sense lights will provide us with valuable insights, enabling us to guide national and local government on the smartest and most effective cycling infrastructure investments.”

The partnership will build on See.Sense’s work with numerous UK cities, including its collaboration with local transport authorities in Manchester, where British Cycling is based.

Last year saw See.Sense ACE become the most-backed bike light in Kickstarter history, with the company now beginning delivery of its product to backers.