Leicester City’s Christian Fuchs launches esports team

11 Jun 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Leicester City left-back Christian Fuchs has become the first Premier League player to enter the gaming industry, after the Premier League winner launched his own esports team.

Fuchs, who will have professional FIFA players represent him at tournaments around the world, will also expand into gaming titles outside of the FIFA series, according to media reports.  

Fuchs is the latest in a growing trend of football businesses cross-over to the esports market, with the competitive gaming industry generating £650m in revenue this year alone.

Manchester City and West Ham United both have their own esports players, while Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Swansea are also linked to esports through their American owners. The Gunners’ Stan Kroenke is the co-owner of an Overwatch League team, Palace majority stakeholders Josh Harris and David Blitzer own British esports outfit Team Dignitas, and the Swans’ Steve Kaplan is a majority shareholder in gaming organisation, Immortal.