McDonald's tech targets hungry fans

04 Jul 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

FIFA World Cup sponsor McDonald’s has teamed up with Google and media agency OMD Hong Kong to drive its takeaway orders during the competition.

The global chain is trying to anticipate when fans might become hungry during games, and then targeting advertisements in real time that might trigger orders through its delivery service, McDelivery.

Advertisements are activated surrounding pre-defined moments that aim to entice viewers to purchase food. The key moments when ads will run include kick off, halftime and end of matches, as well as goals.

The campaign leverages Google technology to push promotional messages along with real-time scores at key moments while the DMP helps collect insights, such as favourite menu items, to provide greater personalisation and relevancy to the messaging.

Agnes Lung, vice president of marketing at McDonald’s Hong Kong, said: “The team has done an amazing job to use the learnings accumulated through our data management platform to deliver the most relevant messaging during such a big event for real business results.”

Gary Wong, managing director for OMD Hong Kong, added: “This campaign is a testament of our endeavour to inject human insights into data technology, a belief which also resonates with McDonald’s.”