NFL and MLB Players Associations create joint venture

18 Nov 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Players from the NFL and MLB are teaming up with a private equity firm, RedBird Capital Partners, in order to capitalise on their name and likeness.

OneTeam Partners LLC, the name of the new company set up by the players’ associations and the private equity firm, will support players capitalising on their likeness and image rights, especially in video games which bear the names and likenesses of players.

Run by Ahmad Nassar, the President of NFL Players Inc., OneTeam Partners LLC will ensure that 60% of revenue goes to players unions with RedBird Capital Partners getting the rest.

Nassar said: “What we want to do is optimise products across sports, whether it’s esports or cricket in India or North American sports. We think there’s so much room to run in terms of the types of games and products that are available to fans. The realisation for all of us was partnering with outside capital and capitalising on this business. That was the missing ingredient.”