Monday, November 22, 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Nike has unveiled a virtual world modelled after its headquarters on video game platform Roblox Corp, becoming one of the first big brands to enter the metaverse.

The sportswear giant is partnering with video-game platform Roblox on Nikeland, a free-to-play virtual world with games like dodgeball and floor-is-lava. It’s designed after the real-life Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

In its current iteration, Nikeland includes minigames such as tag, dodgeball and 'the floor Is lava' that players can check out with their friends. Mobile integration allows you to use your phone to translate real-life movement into the game. In that way, you can do things like long jumps and fast sprints. 

Players will be able to outfit their characters in digital versions of Nike products like Air Max sneakers. The Nikeland website is promoting exclusive items like caps and backpacks.

In the future, it could host competitions tied to global sporting events. For instance, it could host football games when the 2022 World Cup kicks off in Qatar or a flag football game during the Super Bowl. The showroom could also one day tease future product releases and allow users to co-create items.

As the metaverse has come to the forefront, companies like Nike see the value in its ability to connect with a new generation of athletes and get them to fall in love with the brand, which can eventually translate into real-world sales.