Norwich City gets cutting edge injury prevention

07 Dec 2015

By: Sport Industry Group

Premier League side Norwich City FC has announced an agreement with sports science software company Kitman Labs.

Silicon Valley’s sports science technology company has installed the Kitman Labs system at Norwich City’s training ground.

The system is being used by the club as part of their injury prevention and athlete monitoring strategy, with the side currently boasting the lowest injury rate in the Premier League.

The Kitman Labs solution is being widely used across the globe. The NBA’s Detroit Pistons announced their partnership earlier this month, joining the likes of Everton FC, the Miami Dolphins, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Ireland Rugby.

Stuart Wardle, first team physiotherapist at Norwich City, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside Kitman Labs. Gone are the days of reactive physiotherapy, and we have worked hard to make injury prevention and player welfare part of the culture at Norwich City.

“Utilising the Kitman Labs system is part of the players’ daily routine and with the physiotherapy and sports science departments working closely together, we are able to analyse the data quickly and in real time to be able to spot any problems that require focused assessment or preventative measures.

"Kitman Labs means we spend less time analysing the data we collect from our screening protocols and more time working on interventions with the players to really have an influence on injuries.”

Stephen Smith, founder and CEO of Kitman Labs, said: “Norwich City really are at the forefront of performance technology and we are excited to be a part of that journey with them.”

He added: “Football is in the midst of a science and technology revolution, and Kitman Labs is at the heart of it.”