NTT and Zwift partner for UCI Esports World Championships campaign

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

NTT will partner with Zwift in a new deal which will see the pair use data analytics to enhance the fan experience at the first ever UCI Cycling Esports World Championships.  

The global technology services company, will draw on its experience collaborating with ASO to bring data analytics to the Tour de France, as well as a previous partnership with Zwift to host the first Virtual Tour de France in July 2020, when some 40 million fans tuned in to watch the event.

NTT will bring data-led storytelling to the first cycling esports event sanctioned by the UCI.

NTT will connect to the Zwift platform, retrieving the real-time data from all the riders taking part, and then aggregate and analyse the numbers to provide new insights for viewers, It will also use algorithms originally developed for the Tour de France to identify and track the groups of riders taking part in the race so that viewers will have a better understanding of the race as it evolves, with data processing done in near real-time, with the broadcast graphics able to show events within 500 milliseconds of them happening. 

For the first time, NTT will share analytics on which riders are best at playing the game and able to get the highest speed for their power – a new Zwift Efficiency rating.

In addition to seeing competitors’ speed, power and heart rate in a particular instant, fans will also see the competitors’ average power, speed, watts per kg and efficiency over the last few minutes and since the start of the race. 

The event will take place on Wednesday 9th December, and will see the likes of Olympic gold medallists Elinor Barker and Ed Clancy compete for Britain, as well as nine-time Paralympic cycling gold medallist Sarah Storey - who also holds five Paralympic swimming golds.