Thursday, July 14, 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

Japanese multinational information technology service and consulting company NTT DATA has announced the launch of its digital twin-supported ShotView technology ahead of the 150th Open at St Andrews Old Course. 

The move signifies a first for golf, enabling fans on the course and at home to gain unprecedented insight into the millions of data points gathered around the course in a live, interactive setting. 

Using various data sources such as open-source landscape data, orthorectified drone captured image data, LIDAR mapping and point graphs, NTT DATA has created a digital twin for ‘The Home of Golf', St Andrews Old Course. The digital twin provides a realistic simulation of the landscape and surrounding area, which is the foundation for the interactive data experience. 

As the Championship unfolds, fans can access ShotView via the digital twin on The technology allows visitors to oversee the entire course from a birds-eye view, along with interactive markers that provide fans access to every ball flight of every player and every group on the course. Fans who wish to follow a particular player or group can transport to a detailed digital twin of the hole, accurate to within 2cm. Through this they can gain insights into each player's shot paths, fairways hit percentage, G.I.R, and average putt per hole. Fans can even see detailed statistics on performance off the tee and on the green and view hazard data. Finally, the ShotView tool gives fans access to analysis of every hole on the course as well as tailored historical information to give a rounded experience. 

Crucially, both digital twin and ShotView technologies provide fans with a live, real-time experience, if they are on the course, at home or on the move. The NTT DATA platform can supplement their viewing or serve as an experience in itself, providing insights fans have never had unfettered access to before. Viewers will no longer have to wait for commentators to provide statistics about their favourite players or follow a specific player on the course to understand their performance. Instead, fans can watch every player's route to hole advancing shot by shot on the digital twin, thanks to ShotView. 

Despite ShotView marking a first for the golfing world, it isn't the only data experience being brought to The Open by NTT DATA this year. It will also power’s live blog through its ClipTag functionality. This allows The R&A, the organisers of The Open to view clips from across the entire field. These will be embedded into the live blog for a more visual and engaging piece of content. This is all driven entirely off data, and rendered using advanced graphics engines.

Laurence Norman, Vice President of Sports Technology at NTT DATA, commented, "The work we have been doing with The R&A this year has been incredibly rewarding, and it is fantastic to see such great solutions being produced. Our goal is simple: bring fans as close as possible to the action through data. Golf is a game of statistics. Tiny variables can have huge impacts; details matter and the more data fans can access, the richer their experience becomes.”


Image: Shutterstock